International consignments

Having many years of experience in arranging international transportation, our company is ready to provide services for international delivery of goods in a professional way, ensuring the choice of the appropriate delivery method, cargo safety, delivery speed and immediate notification of the cargo location.

Logistics services are highly demanded under the conditions of the contemporary market; they can significantly reduce transportation expenses, improve efficiency of various types of cargo transportation and shorten time of delivery. We arrange transportation of any cargo by all available means of transport from the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, as well as from the countries of the Middle East and the countries of Central and Southeast Asia. We are pleased to provide you the service acceptable for Europe together with the maximum efficiency of cargo transportation. If necessary, we provide cargo insurance services.

Finding out true customer needs, finding a solution that can satisfy the requirements of all parties is the key to fruitful and successful work of production and consumption, on the one hand, and of transport, on the other.

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