FEA outsourcing (technical import/export)

FEA outsourcing means transfer of the full range of obligations for import and export transactions to a third party.

FEA outsourcing is a tool that allows you to increase enterprise efficiency and use the freed up human, organizational or financial resources for the development of core business.

When transferring FEA functions to our company, the customer does not need to worry about hiring a customs applicant, manager and accountant for FEA, about arranging logistics and customs clearance, buying foreign currencies, there is no need to delve into the specific features of foreign trade transactions, customs and currency legislation.

Our company will register officially contractual relationships with suppliers around the world, calculate the most profitable ways for transportation of goods to Ukraine and ensure beneficial turnkey customs clearance, including issuance of permits for import, followed by delivery of goods to the customer’s warehouse.

You will purchase customs cleared goods in Ukraine for the national currency. If necessary, we will help you to execute all the necessary permits for retail sale of goods, we will advise on the correct labeling of goods in accordance with the applicable law.

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